Friday, 30 May 2008

Boxes arrived from Taiwan!

Been ill (a-bloomin'-gain!), so I haven't got much done, linguistically or otherwise. The whole formal postgraduate study idea has got thoroughly dumped as the Uni would actually charge me for the full programme - ie I'd have to pay as if I were being taught and assessed for the 60 credits worth of modules I'd be getting advanced standing on and not joining in. As I can't see us having £5K to spare, I decided to say 'Forget it!' and just get on with learning for actual real use!! I can take the HSK, TOP Huayu and Goethe Institut exams anyway, so there's still plenty of 'make me study' exams around. This coming year I hope to be my last teaching at all as I just don't enjoy it anymore - too many students, not enough teachers and no money to get more etc etc etc, so I'll have to sit in on all the classes I want pronto. So, reckon I'll be spending as much time as I can manage in 'revision' classes, subject to the relevant teachers OK-ing it.=)

Our boxes of goodies arrived from Taiwan with the above Chinese language things. Some are just the student workbooks and MP3 CDs to go with main texts we already have.

There were also these Korean books and CDs, which are working from Chinese to Korean!!! I started learning Japanese that way too, many moons ago! The book on the left is mostly about learning to read and write the Hangul script, whereas the other seems to assume you know the script from the word go and focuses on conversation, (in 3 minutes a go, it reckons!!). I also have 'Teach Yourself Korean' which does both, so I should have enough here for an all round programme. Just need a decent dictionary now and all I need to do then is get on with it. Ha!

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