Friday, 2 May 2008

Current Studies

On the left are photos of the books I'm reading and/or studying at any given time. At the mo, these 4 photos are a bit of a nonsense really as I haven't studied any of them for quite some time, but they are the ones I plan to get to.

The Beginners' Chinese one might require some explanation, esp as I have a degree in Chinese Studies and a postgrad translation qualification as well. It's simply that my uni course didn't cover many practical situations, whereas this beginners course does! There are lots of useful things in there that I've never met before and I'd like to say I know. Also, as it (and the Schaum grammar workbook) are the two books I'm in the process of recommending to friends who want to improve their Chinese, I think I'd be as well to study through both thoroughly myself too!! I need a good grammar review as well.

The German one is one that Sir bought as part of my anniversary pressie about 3 years ago and that I've spent pitifully little time with since. Describing Language is a set book with a discontinued Open Uni course about the English language (for which I have a full set of books and materials and hope to work through them too in time), and is quite a good intro to some aspects of linguistics. I'm planning on buying Teach Yourself Linguistics tomorrow as I have another one of those lovely 25% off vouchers for Borders.....

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