Sunday, 15 February 2009

On a go slow just now...

Well, not much linguistically going on at the moment. I'm great at making plans - even detailed ones - and then not getting very far with them! (In which I suspect I'm far from alone!!!) However, as someone has been kind enough to register to follow this blog, it really helped me to see that I should be more loyal to it and post more often. That, of course, means having something worthwhile to post!!!

So, what's new? I haven't done much active language learning, but we are trying to keep to the Chinese Tuesday and German Friday as much as possible. My hubby is really keen on this idea and I think he enjoys the German day especially!!! (He is German, in case you're wondering!!) I haven't done the '5 words a day' bit as yet though.=( I will get to it, I promise, and then I can report back.=)

Recently, I've had a lot of winter bugs and so on, so it's been hard to get much done and I've got behind in household things and also my textiles/embroidery course college work and now a priority is to get stuff cleared up around the home (which I did quite a lot of yesterday - about half, I should think, and it looks much better now=)) and get caught up with my coursework, all of which is assessed. I've decided to devote Mondays and Tuesdays to getting that done until I'm up to date. As I've applied for a job, which would take me out of the home in the mornings from April, I need to give that quite urgent attention. Once that's clear, then I'll feel better about really prioritising some language studies, both in the learning of languages and reading up on various aspects of linguistics.

We're also planning on going back to Taiwan for 6-12 months. If I don't get this job, then we'll be applying for 12 month scholarships to go in late August. If I do get it, then it should give us almost all the £$£ we'll need to go for 6 months self-funded from late Feb next year. I prefer this option as it's more definite - we're reliant on ourselves, not someone else's choice - and 12 months will be too long for me. Either way, we should get to go and attend intensive Mandarin classes for however long at the Mandarin Training Center in Taipei, all being well. They have the widest range of classes going to an advanced level and they also have supplementary classes in Taiwanese and things like interpreting between English and Chinese. I'd like to do both of those. There's only one week off between taught period though (quarters), so it would be very, very tiring and demanding to do it for 4 consecutive quarters. I'm really hoping for the 6 month option after which we'd spend a month looking around some other parts of East Asia and head home.

Something I have done of late is to open Chinese and German blogs! I'll add the links to the sidebar as well. They're highlights from my main blog, Sew in Love and have both attracted some visitors.=) The German one has had quite a lot of visits from people located in Germany! It's good language prac too and I plan to open one in Romance languages in time, with odd bits in any or all of French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese. Other things must get done first though.

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