Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Multilingual Frankfurt

Just back from a short trip to Frankfurt where I began to wonder if there were any Germans resident! I seemed to hear far more other languages spoken than German and we were intrigued to see in our favourite lunch stop, the Kaufhof (for their buffet restaurant), the store guides not only in German and English, but also in Chinese!

Spoke in German, Chinese and Italian whilst I was there. Someone didn't realise I wasn't Italian and let forth at full speed. Well, I could follow the gist of what she was saying, and I haven't much looked at Italian for the best part of 4 years, so I was quite pleased with myself. Didn't make any monumental gaffs in German this time either, but then I tend to give up when I just can't say something!! I couldn't at one point though as Sir had disappeared and I really had to set to and answer the questions as best I could. The other party was a very pleasant and patient young man, so I managed in the end.=)

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Elindomiel said...

Sounds like a good experience. :D I love the chaotic feeling of trying to juggle different languages in a short time span. :) Especial congratulations with the Italian! :D I've never been mistaken for a native in anything. Your accent must be really good. :D