Saturday, 11 April 2009

BIG change coming up...

A letter, of which this is the first sentence, came in the post the other day:

So, we should be going off to Taiwan for a year studying Mandarin (and, hopefully, Taiwanese) from late August. We haven't yet heard how my hubby's application has turned out, but the closing date is not until 17th, followed by a 'phone interview in early May. My application was decided on within a week, so his is a pretty slow business. Anyway, hope he gets it as, although work has started to finally come in again, we don't really want to drain all our savings in order to be able to afford this trip. We shall see. In the meantime, if I ever shake off this everlasting 'Boomerang' 'flu, then I may be able to a) get down to some linguistic preparations (ie get some Chinese studied!!); and b) get some more casual work to help boost the finances.

Plans after that are to try and get AHRC funding to do the MA in Translation Studies with Interpreting, as that would be a viable alternative to English teaching in Taiwan (which I can NOT do - I've trialled teaching 3 times with increasingly disastrous health results), but getting that funding won't be easy. Still, I think there were only about 3 scholarships available for open competition for this year's award and I was one from the 'very high number' of applicants chosen. Could I get my head out of the door afterwards? I think not!

So look out for lots of move and language news coming up....

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