Sunday, 3 May 2009

My husband's been learning Estonian!

Well, he's put it on the back-burner for now as the work project he was doing it for has, once again, failed to come to anything, but he's planning to get back to it in the autumn.

Here's one of the flashcards he was using. As you can see, it's done from German to Estonian and, on the other side of the card (not shown here) it went the other way around. This isn't my preferred way to make flashcards, but everyone has a system that works well for them and he likes this one (amongst a few others).

He also had a regular, weekly language exchange via Skype with an Estonian chap who speaks 13 languages (enviable, no?) and was delighted to practise his German! He was so sorry that Sir wasn't planning to carry on with Estonian that he more or less convinced him to come back to it in September when we're settled in in Taiwan and he's also got through a busy patch.

Apart from these 2 resources, he was using 'Teach Yourself Estonian' and a website which taught the language from several big lanugages, (so he could learn in English, German etc). He wasn't over-enamoured of the TY book, as much as it's hard to physically keep it open as anything, but resources aren't plentiful for Estonian! He was pleased, when looking at something in Estonian, that he'd got enough of an idea how the language worked to be able to muddle some of it out.=)

He's now fallen in love with Spanish and so I suspect that some sort of learning materials will make up part of his anniversiary present this year and we may even go to Insituto Cervantes lessons when we get back to the UK next autumn. I hope so as I too like Spanish and would like to learn it better. I know quite a bit of the grammar/structure and can read it passably well, but I can't really say much these days.

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