Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Wanted by the Police!

No, I haven't become a criminal and gone into hiding, and it's not really the police I mean.

We had an interesting experience on Saturday afternoon whilst with some Chinese friends in their home. We were there in our capacity of Bible teachers, when suddenly 4 ladies in uniform from the UK Border Agency (Home Office policing, sort of thing) came in looking for some Chinese chap who seems to have left before our friends arrived. After a couple of exchanges with A-Ming, he turned to us and asked, 'What did she say?' and Martin interpreted a bit for him. The lady who'd been talking to him looked astonished and asked if he could really speak Chinese? A minute or so later, I said something in Mandarin and one of the other ladies then came over, after saying, 'You too?!' , told us they were desperate for Mandarin interpreters all through the West Yorkshire region and gave us the office number to call!!

Well, we're going off to Taiwan for 18 months or more in just over 3 weeks, so we can't follow it up now and, frankly, after looking at the Home Office interpreter requirements, I can see that I wouldn't be anything like good enough at the mo, but maybe when we get back and I can see if I can get some funding for the Leeds Uni interpreting programme. AHRC has a Professional Preparation programme, which I might qualify for (as well as a couple of bursaries that the Uni and the School of Modern Languages offers) as, although I already have related postgrad stuff, interpreting is a very different beast to written translation and, well, if they really are desperate, then it's worth a try! The rates of pay are decent too. We shall see.....

23 days until departure and, yes, I'm way busy and stressed!! (Thus no posting etc)

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