Thursday, 20 March 2014

Language goals from Oct 2013 - Dec 2014

Blimey!  It's been forever since I last posted!  Anyway, here's the current status on the current set of goals.  As you can see, I've stepped up the Chinese work (mostly revision just now) and included only German, (which I don't do very often and haven't really touched since last year), as an 'extra'.  If a trip and/or a move is planned, you can expect me to step up on that instead!=)

As you can see, some have been completed already, some are in active progress - two approaching completion and four recently started, and some are stalled (i.e. part-done, but not being worked on just now)

Reading only texts (make notes from):
* Colloquial Chinese 2
* Chinese in Three Months  16/20
* Practice Makes Perfect Basic Chinese
* Chinese Demystified  Done!
* Basic Patterns of Chinese Grammar  Done!
* Elementary Chinese Readers 3  Done!
* Revise Far East Everyday Chinese (RR)  Started on Chs 1&2 flashcards
* Tiantian Zhongwen: Beijing's Courtyards  1/20
* Tiantian Zhongwen: Teahouses in China
Sit down and study texts (i.e. write the answers out/check on Lang-8):
* Finish 'Schaum' Chinese grammar  11.6/15
* Basic Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook
* Learning Chinese Measure Words  0.2/143
* Fun With Chinese Characters Vol 1
* Fun With Chinese Characters Vol 2
* Elementary Chinese Readers 4  0.9/15
* Elementary Chinese Readers Supplement
* Complete Auftakt 1  20/22
* Teach Yourself Improve Your German
* Practice Makes Perfect German Verb Tenses  3.4/24
* Practice Makes Perfect German Pronouns and Prepositions  1/22
* Practice Makes Perfect German Conversation 1.4/11

I've also joined in the 'Sensible Character Learning' challenge on the Hacking Chinese blog, ('hacking' seems to be a blogging buzzword these days.....), which means setting a reasonable learning goal to be reached in 101 days, with 3 intermediary milestones along the way.  I've decided to blend that in with my revision of 'Far East Everyday Chinese 3', which I started on the flashcard set for chapters 1 and 2 yesterday with Sir, and I hope that means I'll have a thorough revision of the contents of that superb text completed by the end of June and will have refreshed my writing skills for each of the characters in the book - hopefully in both simplified and traditional characters.

Looking at the above, it's no surprise that my embroidery projects have found themselves being sidelined of late....=)

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Dana said...

Viel Glück mit allem! :) Ich wohne in Deutschland und lerne schon zeit 5 Jahre Deutsch. Ich finde es manchmal ein bisschen schwer aber ich kann mir nur vorstellen, dass die chinesische Sprache viel schwere ist! All the best to you and your language learning in 2015!